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The Kilfenora Ceili Band Both Sides Now




1 Molly Ban ( Molly Ban,The Donegal Traveller,The Maids Of Castlebar) Reels

2 Highland March (Highland March,The Handsome Young Maidens) Jigs

3 Dinky Doofer(Dinky Doofer,Coolaholliga) Polkas

4 Both Sides Now (song)

5 Our Last Night Together (Our Last Night Together,The Swan ) Hornpipes

6 Bill Brocker(Bill Brocker,Miss Johnstone’s,The Green Groves Of Eireann) Reels

7 Crusader (Song)

8 Jewels Of The Ocean (Jewels Of The Ocean,Ta an Coilleach ag Fogairt an Lae) Waltz, Jig

9 Carron (Slow Piece)

10 Paddy Mullins’( The Banks Of Newfoundland,McGuire’s,The Frost Is All Over) Jigs

11 John Condon  (Song)

12 Lillies in the field ( Lillies in the field,The Stone Of Destiny,Mc Fadden’s Handsome Daughter) Reels

13 John O Dreams (Song)

14 Cathy’s Waltz (Burren Stones,Flaggy Shore ) Waltzes


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