Robert Mizzell Trilogy




Cd 1

Redneck Man
1. Blue Blooded Woman 2. Mama Courtney
3. More Behind The Picture Than The Wall 4. Ol’ Frank
5. I‘m Gonna Love You 6. I Told You So (Feat Lisa McHugh)
7. Someone To Hold Me When I Cry 8. Love Is Everywhere 9. I Swear
10. Ain’t Love A Lot Like That 11. Murder On Music Row (Feat Collin Raye)
12. She’s All Lady 13. Two Ways To Fall 14. The Wind Beneath My Wings
15. Tennessee River Run

Cd 2

Thanks A Lot
1. Thanks A Lot 2. Folsom Prison Blues 3. Rose Of My Heart
4. Next To You, Next To Me 5. If It’s Gonna Rain 6. The Race Is On
7. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face 8. Friend In Need
9. Today I Started Loving You Again (Feat Lorraine McDonald)
10. Long Black Train 11. White Lightnin’ 12. Love Me
13. Nine To Five

Cd 3

Waltzing With Me
1. Who’s Gonna Dance With Sally Ann 2. Alcohol Of Fame
3. You’re Waltzing With Me (Duet With Philomena Begley)
4. You’re Why God Made Me 5. Our Bed Of Roses
6. Louisiana Saturday Night 7. Granpa’s Fiddle
8. You Look So Good In Love 9. Home
10. Dance With My Father 11. Stand Up

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